Big Button Easy Mobile – White

Big Button Easy Mobile - White

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The BBEM ‘Big Button Easy Mobile’ is a breakthrough in mobile phone technology. Available in four colours, White, Black, Purple and Multicolour, and weighing only 83 grams, the state of the art BBEM handset is packed with technology that makes the mobile phone easier to use; a complete contrast to many of the more advanced handsets on the market today.

The BBEM is completed orientated as an assessable mobile phone complete with large buttons, powerful volume control, super clear screen technology and an SOS emergency button. The SOS emergency button brings the mobile phone into its own in a unique way. The BBEM can be pre programmed with a contact number needed in time of an emergency, this is usually a loved one, the doctor or the emergency services, then if needed in case of a fall or emergency the button can instantly and quickly be activated in order to obtain help! The BBEM has an impressive battery life of 4 hours talk time and 360 hours of standby time (15days!) before needing to be recharged.* Other more advanced features include an FM-radio, a torch, Speed dialling, SMS and 3D Stereo sound.

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*Extensive charging can impair a batteries performance.


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